Privacy Policy
As a fellow Internet user myself, I totally respect your online privacy. So it goes without saying that I'm fully committed to safeguarding your online privacy while you're using my RS Linkify browser extension.

And that's precisely why I've decided to include the following, which discloses exactly what goes on when using RS Linkify.

Personal Information

This is really very simple. RS Linkify collects absolutely zero personal information. No personal information is collected or submitted. Not only that, RS Linkify (by design) can NOT run on login pages.


Your settings are stored locally, meaning on your computer. They are not shared or submitted. Again, no personal information is collected or stored.


Please be aware that I am not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. I encourage you, when you visit a website via a link generated by RS Linkify, to read the privacy policy (or privacy statement) of each and every website you visit, as this particular privacy policy applies solely to this particular extension.

Embedded content

One of RS Linkify's primary roles is to (optionally) embed content from third party websites. I am not responsible and have no control over the content that is embedded, nor am I responsible for the privacy practices of such content.


The Runescape Official Forums, thus have their own Privacy Policy. Since RS Linkify is in no way affiliated with Jagex and RuneScape, I am not responsible for their policies. Familiarising yourself with their Privacy Policy is recommended if you have privacy concerns.